In order to remain competitive in a high-wage region like Western Europe, automation technology and special-purpose engineering are virtually indispensable.

To ensure that these systems run perfectly long after commissioning, we offer our customers an extensive service package consisting of remote services, on-site support and/or maintenance/servicing of our systems.

This service can be tailored precisely to the customer's needs and, if required, extended to cover additional machines that we did not produce.


This fully automated robot cell guarantees high quantities with consistent quality and combines multiple process steps such as gluing, joining, UV hardening and testing in one unit. 

LaserCleaningDue to pollution of baking plates during wafer production, a periodic cleaning is necessary to guarantee the final quality of the outcoming product. Our customer is developing a new system to clean baking plates fully automatically with laser technology. We help to supervise the process with the use of image processing.

EBL2LayoutFrameTo operate an EUV LDP Source, a tin plasma must be generated and controlled in a high vacuum environment using high voltage. Together with our customer we have developed, built and programmed the entire environment of such an EUV source.

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