Machinery Manufacturing


We offer a wide-ranging portfolio that ranges from sub-modules to complete production lines.

Thanks to our strong team, we can respond flexibly to the needs of our customers as well as plan and build systems efficiently.

We are able to handle small to medium-sized systems on our own. For larger lines, we call on the help of our well-orchestrated network of partners.


This assembly unit combines high precision, cycle time and product variety in one. We achieve the resulting quality through the sophisticated combination of image processing and robotic assembly.


This fully automated robot cell guarantees high quantities with consistent quality and combines multiple process steps such as gluing, joining, UV hardening and testing in one unit. 

To operate an EUV-LDP-Source, media and processes must be regulated and controlled in real time. In order to evaluate the hardware and software used for this purpose, a simulator is not only helpful but also saves enormous costs since the real machine is not occupied. For our customer we have developed such a simulator.

LTTB-2The Tin Handling Box (THB) is a core module in a Tin based LDP-SOURCE (see for this also the other projects about EUV-LDP-SOURCES). Before such a complex module is used for the first time or after a refurbishment, it must be tested in all operating phases from heating-up over operation to cooling down again. We have completely designed such a testbench and have already delivered it several times.

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